Scan Pro 1100

ScanPro 1100 microfilm scanner

The ScanPro® 1100 is low cost and high performance

The ScanPro 1100 is the microfilm scanner of choice for libraries, businesses and researchers facing tight budgets. The ScanPro 1100 has the same robust design as the ScanPro 2000 and the ScanPro 3000, is built for the rigors of public use but has a considerably lower price. If you are looking for a microfilm scanner and don’t need the automatic and special features found on the ScanPro 2000 and ScanPro 3000, the ScanPro 1100 microfilm scanner is what you are looking for.

Easy to Use

The ScanPro 1100 software is an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels. And, an on-screen help menu is available for all controls to help any user at any time.

The scanner with a proven track record of reliability

The ScanPro 1100 is the lowest cost, highest quality microfilm scanner in the micrographic’s industry. No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro for its proven track record of performance and reliability. AND, since the ScanPro 1100 and the ScanPro 2000 shares the same hardware , you can upgrade your ScanPro 1100 to a fully functional ScanPro 2000 at any time (contact your e-ImageData reseller for details). No other scanner on the market can provide this upgrade capability.

Same film carriers as the ScanPro 2000 and ScanPro 3000

The ScanPro 1100 uses the same accurate film positioning carriers as the ScanPro 2000 and the ScanPro 3000. These film carriers are built for the rigors of public use. And, all of the moving parts on these film carriers utilize steel bearings for ease-of-use, precision film movement and trouble free performance. These film carrier are designed to be Library Quiet™ and are ideal for research and study environments.

Customizable tool bar, tabs and button controls.

Skill levels of microfilm users vary from the occasional user to the advanced researcher. Basic, Standard, and Advanced modes are available to match these skill levels and can be selected with just a single click.