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Document Imaging and Document Scanning Made Easy

Linco Micro-Image Systems

Your office is filled with paper. Paper travels from desk to desk, office to office and floor to floor. It’s so easy for an important document to get lost in the transfer. Emails and online documents are becoming more popular but your office still deals with a sizeable amount of paper. With Linco Micro-Image As your partner you will never lose an important document again. With our document scanning and imaging services all your company’s important documents with have a permanent digital location so you will never have to rewrite or spend hours searching for that important memo or contract.


Safe, Reliable and Easy to Use

We make transferring your paper documents to digital versions simple. We’ll pick up your files, scan them, index and organize them and set up an easy to use digital document management system. Say goodbye to rummaging through file cabinets and desk drawers, our document scanning software makes all your documents easy to locate. No matter what type of document, we can help you organize them. Our technicians are trained to handle all documents, from hand written notes to highly confidential documents, with the highest level of care and confidentiality.