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Convert Your Physical Medical Records With Our Secure and Searchable, Digital Archiving Solutions Today!

Most doctors have been recording medical information by hand for years but are now beginning to use digital medical record systems. The only issue is that all your records before are hand-written and stored in file cabinets. With Filescan solutions from Linco Micro-Image Systems, you can have all your medical records digitized with our medical record scanning services and easily import them to your electronic medical recording system. No matter how many records and documents you’ve accumulated we can scan them and make them easy to access. We specialize in all kinds of offices and our solutions are proven to make any office, neater, better organized, more efficient and of course, environmentally friendly. So give us a call to see how we can help your office run more smoothly.

Technology And Experience

Makes All The Difference!

Document Preparation

A very important step in making the paper document scanner ready. Our trained staff will remove staples, paper clips and other fasteners, straighten dog ears, and remove post-it notes to ensure the best possible scan.


Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is designed to produce the highest quality computer generated searchable text. With OCR, you can locate and retrieve documents using a single word or phrase contained in the document. Bringing even the most forgotten about documents to you in seconds.

Quality Control

Each image is reviewed by a human being. Any image not meeting our stringent requirements is returned to the queue for re-scanning.


One of the most critical steps in the document conversion process is capturing accurate index information, Linco will provide you with the most efficient and economical method. Options include manual data entry (including double keying), barcode scanning, ICR to capture key index information, and OCR for full text search capability of your images.

Going Above and Beyond To Ensure Your Digital Documents Are 100% Accurate.

Converting Your Paper Archives To Digital Is Easy...


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